At NU LIFE we are passionate about inspiring people to achieve better health by helping them elevate their diet through premium, high quality supplements. For many people however, access to a balanced, whole food diet, the very foundation of good health, is not always available. This is why at NU LIFE we proudly support Vitamin Angels, a not-for-profit organization that helps at-risk populations across the globe, gain access to lifesaving vitamins and minerals, deworming treatments and nutritional counseling.

With the help of 700 field partners across 50 countries, Vitamin Angels is able to provide 40 million children and mothers with the proper nutrition they need to combat malnutrition, helping to defeat preventable illness, blindness and even death.

Each year we gladly donate a portion of our sales to help this worthy cause. Each and every time you choose to purchase a NU LIFE product, you are personally helping children around the world regain their health through vitamins and reach their full potential. We can’t thank you enough. To learn more about Vitamin Angels, or for other ways to contribute, please visit the Vitamin Angels website.